Villiani Couture By Vili Gage


Couture collection 02

What is timeless? Timeless can be either a piece of art, or a classical music piece, or a scientific concept, or a garment inspired by the past, created in the present and looking to the future that becomes like the musical piece – a forever classique… Timeless!

Timeless is the name of the second Couture Collection of the fashion brand Villiani. It is a high-end luxury collection inspired by the Ladies from the 50s and 60s, transforming their style and elegance through the prism of the contemporary women, emphasizing their femininity and highlighting the hourglass shapes, adding specific sartorial details to achieve this goal.

Observing the pieces of the collection for the first time we have the perception of a contemporary past that is timeless, which can be worn today or in 50 years without ever getting out of style.

The collection as a whole is truly oriented towards the concept of the future and the innovation, with classic and elegant touch which makes it remain TIMELESS forever. The designer has created this collection taking inspiration from the silhouettes of the 50s and 60s, modernizing them with technical, contemporary and highly selected fabrics and at the same time giving great importance to the details like the finishing touch both inside and outside the garments. The fashion designer has made very bold choices by combining mono-colored materials, playing on the three-dimensionality of the tone-on-tone details and using basic but also contrasting between them colors, such as black and white, which predominate in the collection.

The contrast between the colors and the materials that complement each other, in different styles such as modern and retro that have the same habitat lead us to the future and above all to TIMELESS. The secret of beauty lies in the balance that is obtained only through contrast, as can be perceived in the materials chosen in the collection, the delicacy of the silk combined with the strong contrast of the neoprene.