Unbroken steel by Vili Gage - brand and designer

Unbroken steel

Couture collection 01

The first collection of the Couture line of the brand Villiani is an avant-à-porter luxury collection inspired by the artist Antonio Urzi and his unique metal creations, from which originates the name of the collection “Unbroken Steel”. His works of art are designed for both haute couture and the world stage.

The collection features geometric lines and particular cuts that, inspired by some artistic movements such as Art deco and Futurism, highlights the female forms emphasizing the natural beauty, through the expression of an extravagant style and elegance which appear classy at the same time.

The materials and the fabrics used in the collection are highly selected, to give maximum emphasis to details. The accessories, such as the metallized zippers applied and the neoprene fabrics combined with the cotton jersey and the doubled silk, both with embedded metallic threads, represent the main testimony of this attention to details. The silver eco-leather is present in some garments entirely and in many small details, while to give greater volume and at the same time lightness, a laser-perforated technical fabric was used.

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